Learn To Sell

Welcome to Dailomaa . We are delighted to have you here, to sell your products and items . Dailomaa, Nepal's first online stationery store offers the best quality products for your school, college, office, business, and home including electronics, household, sporting, beauty, and fashion products at a reasonable price. Our team is determined to ensure you a hassle-free purchase experience, exceptional customer service, the opportunity to sell your scrap, and prompt delivery.
Our webpage is indeed very simple, pleasant to use, and simple to understand. It will be beneficial to both parties because it is widely obtainable and does not take long to consult with our marketing executive. We are always willing to assist our consumers. Our association will blossom as a result of this, as it favors both of us. You must follow the below order gradually.
1.    First , You must log in to our website and must fill up the given form.
2.    The "contact us" icon can be found in the top left corner of your screen after logging in.
3.    You must correctly complete the provided form and also send an email to business@dailomaa.com.
4.    Each seller must have their products licensed.
5.    Our Dailomaa's Inspection Team will examine your form.
6.    We will give each seller's particular authorization and respond information regarding the form and email.
7.    Individual vendors can begin selling their products after they have obtained permission to do so.
8.    Independent Sellers can finally offer their products on our platform without any inconvenience.