Our History 
Welcome from Dailomaa. We are glad to have you here. Dailomaa, Nepal's first online stationery store offers the highest quality products for your school, college, office, company, and home including electronics, household, sporting, beauty, and fashion products at a reasonable price. Our team is committed to providing you with a convenient purchasing experience, first-rate customer care, the chance to sell your scrap, and prompt delivery.
We have been providing our services through our outlet for more than 10+ years. We decided to launch online shopping and retail starting in the year "2023" based on our experience opening the outlet and offering the services. We have been getting positive feedback and support from our customers, so we are thrilled to have you as a customer both offline and online. We are always excited to help our customers, so kindly feel free to join us .
Our website is incredibly easy to understand and is simple, and clear. Due to its convenience and ease of discussion with our marketing executive, it will be advantageous to both sides. We are always eager to help our consumers. As a result, our relationship will flourish because it benefits us both.